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Melophova is an expressionist based  in Montréal who conceptualizes waves of creativity and purpose through her artistic practices which includes animation, illustration, design and music.


2018          "Identity" fundraiser exhibition at Cafe Pacefika 

                   Montreal QC, Canada

2019          "Ion & Allies, First Edition" at Diving Bell Social Club

                   Montreal QC, Canada

2019           House of Artz Gallery 

                   Queens NYC, U.S.

2020          "Uncovered Canada" at Théatre Paradoxe 

                     Montreal QC, Canada

2021            Create Magazine, Issue #24

2021           "Elysium" art exhibition at Galerie Gora

                   Montreal QC, Canada.

2021            Shoutout Arizona Magazine, Artist interview

                    Los Angeles, U.S.

2022           "0xGrants" vernissage at 0x Society

                    Montreal QC, Canada.

2023           "Unlike Hot Wheelz" exhibition/festival

                    Mirabel QC, Canada.

2023            CanvasRebel Magazine, Artist interview

                    Los Angeles, U.S.

2023           "The Elit Networking" art exhibition at Maison Florença

                    Lachine QC, Canada.

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